8 Free Book Mockup Generator Websites (3D, Square, Open, Hardcover)


Creating an eye-catching book cover is a crucial part of publishing. A compelling cover can attract potential readers and make your book stand out in a crowded market. But how do you create realistic and appealing mockups of your book cover without breaking the bank or spending hours on design software? 

The answer lies in book mockup generators. This article explores the top 8 book mockup generators that cater to various styles, including 3D, square, open, and hardcover mockups.

What Are Book Mockup Generators?

Now, before we begin, let’s look at a brief of a mockup generator.

Book mockup generators are online tools or software that enable you to create realistic mockups of your book covers quickly and easily. These generators eliminate the need for complex design software and extensive design skills, making them accessible to authors and publishers of all backgrounds.

Try These 8 Best Book Mockup Generator Websites and Find Your Book’s Perfect Outfit

Now that we have understood the basics of a book mockup generator and how it works, let’s explore the top 10. Each of the following online book mockup generator offers unique features and styles. So whether you want to create a children’s book cover or a nonfiction book cover, you can create those easily with this.

1- Placeit

Placeit is a versatile mockup generator that offers a wide range of book mockup styles, including 3D, square, open, and hardcover.

 It’s user-friendly and allows you to customize various aspects of your mockup, such as background colors and settings. Placeit also provides a library of other mockups, making it a one-stop shop for all your design needs.

One of the standout features of Placeit is its user-friendly interface, making it an ideal choice for authors and designers of all skill levels. You don’t need to be a graphic design expert to navigate this platform efficiently. In just a few simple steps, you can transform your book cover design into a realistic mockup ready to captivate your audience.

2- Smartmockups: Create High Quality Book Covers

Smartmockups specializes in creating stunning 3D book mockups. Their collection includes a variety of book styles, from paperback to hardcover and open books. 

The website provides high-resolution downloads for free, and you can customize some mockup elements like shadows to match your design preferences.

One of the standout features of Smartmockups is its commitment to accessibility. The website generously offers high-resolution downloads of their mockups free of charge. Whether you’re a self-published author on a tight budget or a creative professional seeking cost-effective solutions, you can take advantage of Smartmockups top-notch mockup templates without breaking the bank.

3- Canva: Free Online Book Mockup Generator

Canva offers a range of book mockup templates focusing on 3D designs. It’s known for its user-friendly interface. It also can customize details like shadows and reflections. 

You can create professional-looking mockups in minutes and even integrate them into your website or marketing materials.

One of Canva standout features is its flexibility in customization. It grants you full control over details like shadows and reflections, allowing you to fine-tune your mockup to perfection. This level of control ensures that your mockups look stunning and align seamlessly with your artistic vision and branding.

4- DIYBookCovers: 3D Book Cover Creator

DIY Book Covers offers a simple and intuitive mockup generator primarily focused on creating 3D book mockups. It’s ideal for authors and publishers looking for a straightforward solution to showcase their book covers. 

You can choose from different book styles and customize the background to match your branding.

5- Mediamodifier

Mediamodifier offers a range of book mockups, including 3D, square, and open books. Their user-friendly editor allows you to customize the cover design, background, and other elements. You can also use their online design tool to create book covers from scratch and apply them to mockups.

With Mediamodifier’s user-friendly editor, you can fine-tune your mockups to align perfectly with your vision. You can customize the cover design, background elements, and other details. This ensures that your mockup captures the essence of your book’s identity and branding.

One of Mediamodifier’s unique features is its online design tool, which allows you to create book covers from scratch. Once you’ve crafted the perfect cover, you can seamlessly apply it to your selected mockup.

6- Adazing: Free Book & eBook Mockup Generator

Adazing is a versatile mockup generator that specializes in book covers. It provides various book styles, including hardcover, softcover, and spiral-bound. You can easily upload your cover design, choose a mockup style, and customize it to perfectly represent your book.

7- MockupBro: Create A Hardcover Book Mockup

Mockup Bro is a resourceful website that curates a vast collection of free mockup templates, including hardcover book mockups. While it doesn’t have a generator, it is a valuable directory for finding mockups from various sources. 

You can browse their extensive library and download the mockups that best suit your needs.

One of the key advantages of Mockup Bro is its user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to browse through its extensive library of mockups. You can conveniently explore the options available, including book mockups in different styles and settings, to discover the perfect fit for your project.

Once you’ve found mockups that align with your vision and requirements, Mockup Bro simplifies the download process. This ensures you can swiftly access the mockups needed to enhance your book presentation and promotional materials.

8- Fotor: Create 3D Book Mockups

Fotor is a comprehensive 3D product packaging mockup generator, including book mockups among its offerings. 

While it may have a steeper learning curve than other generators, it provides advanced customization options and a wide range of preset book templates.

How Book Mockup Generator Work

Book mockup generators work by taking your book cover design and placing it onto a pre-designed template that simulates the appearance of a physical book. 

These templates can include various formats such as paperback books, hardcovers, e-books, and more. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how book mockup generators typically work:

  • Choose a Template: 

Start by selecting the type of book mockup you want. This could be a paperback book, hardcover, spiral-bound, or even an e-book mockup.

  • Upload Your Design: 

Upload your book cover design file. Ensure it adheres to the recommended dimensions and resolution for the selected template.

  • Customize Settings: 

Some generators allow you to customize additional settings like background colors, book orientation, and shadows to match your branding or style preferences.

  • Generate the Mockup: 

Once you’ve uploaded your design and made any necessary adjustments, click the “generate” or “create” button, and the tool will automatically place your cover on the chosen template.

  • Download Your Mockup: 

After the generator has completed the process, you can download your high-quality book mockup image. It’s ready for use in your marketing materials, website, or social media.

Tips for Using A Book Mockup Generator

To make the most of book mockup generators, consider the following tips:

  1.  Use High-Quality Cover Designs

Ensure your book cover design is high quality before uploading it to the generator. The better the design, the more impressive the mockup.

  • Experiment with Different Templates

Don’t be afraid to try various templates to see which best suits your book’s style and genre.

  •  Pay Attention to Details

Customize settings like background color and shadows to match your book’s theme and mood.

  • Keep It Consistent

Maintain a consistent visual style across mockups to strengthen your brand identity.

  •  Test for Different Platforms

Create mockups tailored for various platforms, including your website, social media, and online bookstores.


In book publishing, making a strong first impression is essential. Book mockup generators offer authors and publishers a user-friendly, cost-effective, and visually appealing way to showcase their book covers.

Whether self-publishing or aiming for traditional publishing, book mockups are a valuable tool in your marketing arsenal.

Mockups are a great way to showcase your work. They can help you create attractive book covers without needing book cover designers. They are also useful for getting feedback on the design of your book before it goes to print.

You can use mockups in many ways: as part of a pre-launch campaign, a crowdfunding campaign (or any other type of fundraising), or just as part of an overall marketing strategy for your book.

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