15 Brilliant Author Interview Questions To Ask In Podcast


Are you gearing up to host an author on your podcast? Interviews with authors offer a golden opportunity to dive into the minds behind your favorite books and stories. But how do you ensure your conversation shines? Fear not! We’ve got your back with these 15 brilliant author interview questions that will make your podcast special.

Podcasts offer a special window into authors’ minds and fascinating stories. If you have ever wanted to know how your favorite books are created, you’re in for a treat. Author podcast interviews are a way to peek behind the curtain and learn how book writers work their magic. And here’s the exciting part: We have 15 excellent author interview questions to make these podcast interviews stand out!

Imagine having a cozy conversation with an author about how they write, where they get their ideas, and the challenges they face. 

These author interview questions aren’t just ordinary; they’re like keys that unlock a treasure trove of insights. So, you learn how authors make their characters, build interesting worlds, and add important messages to their stories.

Author Interview Questions

1. What’s Your Writing Routine Like?

Have you ever found yourself pondering over whether they prefer to wrap themselves in the cozy embrace of fuzzy socks or if they find inspiration in the comforting aroma of endless cups of coffee? These seemingly ordinary yet utterly intriguing nuances glimpse the inner sanctum of the memoir writer’s creative process.

However, Asking about these quirky details in author interview questions isn’t just about satisfying curiosity. It’s about building a bridge between the author’s world and the eager ears of your podcast audience. So, By shedding light on these personal rituals, you’re inviting your listeners to envision the author’s writing space – the place where characters are born, worlds are crafted, and stories come to life.

2. Where Do Your Book Ideas Come From?

Have you ever found yourself lost in wonderment, pondering the enigmatic origins of the unique story ideas that authors bring to life? Imagine it as a journey behind the velvet curtain, where the intricacies of their creative process unfold before you, much like a mesmerizing stage performance. With this question, you’re not just scratching the surface; you’re delving deep into the alchemical mixture that transforms mere thoughts into captivating tales.

3. Do You Plan or Wing It?

Some authors are like architects, carefully sketching every detail of their stories beforehand. Others are explorers, venturing into their tales without a fixed path. 

So, By asking about their planning process, you can uncover whether they’re the builders of blueprints or the adventurers of words. It’s like peering into their creative workshop and understanding how they construct the enchanting worlds that captivate readers.

4. What Messages Hide in Your Stories?

Imagine plunging into the depths of an author’s writing, much like a deep-sea explorer. With this question, you’re delving beyond the surface, seeking the hidden treasures within their tales. Ask them about the themes and messages they aim to convey through their stories. It’s like unearthing precious gems – these messages might be about courage, friendship, or even the beauty of the ordinary. Every story carries a message, so by asking, you’re unraveling the threads of meaning that make their narratives shine. For assistance in crafting captivating narratives, consider exploring the best ghostwriting services in USA.

5. What Inspires Your Work?

Have you ever wondered what sparks the creativity of authors? Picture it as discovering the secret ingredients in a recipe for a delightful dish. Authors find inspiration in countless places – the tapestry of their own experiences, the canvas of their dreams, the symphony of nature, and even the quirks of neighbors. 

So, By asking about their sources of inspiration, you’re unveiling the magical sources that breathe life into their stories. It’s like tracing the footprints of their imagination and understanding the diverse elements that fuel their storytelling fire.

6. How Do Real Experiences Shape Fiction?

Have you ever considered how an author’s real-life moments find their way into their stories? It’s like blending ingredients into a delicious recipe. 

With this author’s interview questions, you uncover the threads of truth woven into their fictional tales. Authors often infuse their experiences, emotions, and encounters into their characters and plots. It’s like watching a painter add vibrant colors to a canvas, making their stories rich and relatable.

7. Tell Us About Character Creation!

Characters are like the beating heart of any story, giving it life and soul. Have you ever wondered how authors, without resorting to ghost authorship, bring these characters to life? It’s a bit like crafting intricate sculptures. By asking about character creation, you’re learning about the sculpting process. Authors give their characters personalities, quirks, and histories that make them feel like old friends or exciting strangers. It’s as if the characters step off the page and into your imagination.

8. Building Worlds – How Do You Do It?

Think of yourself as a master architect, designing entire worlds from scratch. Authors do just that when creating settings for their stories. Whether it’s a land of fantasy or the streets of a bustling city, authors have a toolkit for building these captivating backdrops. 

So, By asking about world-building, you’re getting a glimpse into their toolbox. They decide on geography, history, and culture, much like a skilled craftsman shaping a masterpiece. It’s like taking a guided tour through their meticulously crafted landscapes.

9. Challenges of Crafting Immersive Worlds?

Have you ever tried building a whole universe from just words? It’s like assembling a grand puzzle piece by piece. But it’s no easy task. With this question, you’re peering into the writer’s workshop, where they sculpt entire worlds. 

Ask them about the hurdles they face – from keeping everything consistent to avoiding gaps in the plot. It’s like learning about the difficulties of crafting a complex tapestry where every thread must align. By asking, you’re exploring the intricate web they weave to make their literary galaxies shine.

10. Balancing Plot and Characters?

Think of a story as a magnificent dance between plot and characters. The plot sets the stage, and the characters bring it to life. Have you ever wondered how authors strike this balance? It’s like being an orchestra conductor, ensuring every note is harmonious. As if hiring hip hop ghostwriters, they decide when to twist the plot and when to let the characters take the lead. It’s like watching a masterful performance where both elements shine, creating a symphony of storytelling.

11. Crafting Realistic Dialogue

Imagine overhearing a conversation that’s so real you forget you’re listening to fiction. That’s the magic of well-crafted dialogue. With this question, you’re stepping into the writer’s dialogue studio. Ask them how they create conversations that feel right beside you. It’s like learning their language of words, tones, and pauses. Just as a painter chooses colors carefully, authors select words to paint genuine interactions. By asking, you’re peeling back the curtain on their dialogue artistry and discovering how they make characters’ voices ring true.

12. Secrets to Perfect Pacing

Have you ever felt like a book had you on a thrilling roller coaster, making you race through its pages? That’s the magic of pacing, especially in books written in the third person. Imagine it as a symphony, where the rhythm keeps you entranced.

By asking authors about their pacing techniques, you’re like a curious composer learning their melodies. They decide when to speed up and when to slow down – it’s like orchestrating the reader’s emotions. 

With this question, you’re diving into their toolbox, discovering how they create a rhythm that keeps you hooked from the beginning to the end.

13. Lessons from Your Writing Journey?

Imagine writing as a path paved with words, winding through challenges and triumphs. With this question, you’re walking alongside the author, gathering wisdom from their footprints. 

Ask about their biggest lessons as their author interview questions– it’s like receiving precious insight tokens. From battling self-doubt to mastering patience, you’re tapping into their experiences. It’s like sipping from a cup filled with their hard-earned knowledge. 

14. Battling the Dreaded Writer’s Block

Even the most skillful wordsmiths, including professional Wikipedia writers, hit roadblocks in their creative journeys. It’s like a marathon runner encountering a tough hill. You’re delving into their resilience toolkit by asking authors about their strategies to overcome writer’s block.

They might have quirky rituals or unique remedies – it’s like learning their secret potions. With this question, you’re not just exploring their creative sanctuary.

15. Wisdom for Aspiring Authors:

As we round off our conversation, consider asking the authors to bestow their pearls of wisdom upon those setting foot on their writing journey. Their words could be a guiding light, igniting the spark to embark on a personal writing adventure. 

It’s akin to passing on a cherished heirloom of inspiration, fostering a connection between experienced authors and the aspirations of those who yearn to weave their narratives. As a side note, exploring video book trailer services could be a creative endeavor to consider for those looking to enhance their book’s allure.


Remember, interviewing authors is like embarking on a literary treasure hunt. Each question reveals a new layer of their creativity, struggles, and triumphs. 

When you’re in the interviewer’s seat, listen actively. Give them the space to share anecdotes and insights, and let the conversation flow naturally. Ultimately, these author interviews aren’t just enriching for your podcast content; they’re also an ode to the diverse universe of literature. 

So go forth, armed with these 15 brilliant author interview questions, and create podcast episodes that celebrate the magic of storytelling and the minds behind it. Your audience will thank you for taking them on this captivating journey.

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