8 Excellent Book Formatting Software Options For Authors


When you write a book, how it looks on the page is as important as the words themselves. 

That’s where book formatting software comes in. Think of this software that helps your book look its best, making it easy and enjoyable for people to read. Whether you’re writing your first novel or any other book, the right formatting can make a big difference. It’s not just about making your book look professional; it’s also about giving your readers a great experience. 

Top 8 Book Formatting Software Options for Authors

Choosing the right tool to make your book look great can be fun! Here are eight amazing book formatting software options that can help you:

1- Scrivener 

This is like a big box of tools for writing. It helps you organize your ideas and make your book look nice all in one place. It makes your work very manageable, which is why it is one of the famous tools for children’s book editing services.

2- Vellum 

Think of Vellum as a magic wand for Apple users. It makes your book look super professional with just a few clicks.

3- Adobe InDesign

This is for those who want to make their book perfect down to the last detail. It’s like having a professional book designer on your computer.

4- Microsoft Word

You might already use this for homework or letters. But did you know it can also help make your book look good? It’s easy to use and very handy.

5- Reedsy

Imagine a place online where you can make your book look amazing without downloading anything. That’s Reedsy! This is very useful, too, especially in comic book writing services where words and pictures need efficient and creative adjustments.

6- Sigil 

For those who love doing things online, Sigil is perfect. It’s like a digital pen for drawing your book in eBook format. 

7- Calibre

This is a tool that does two things at once. It organizes your eBook library and helps make your book look great; even if you have to illustrate a children’s book, its this helpful.

8- Bookwright by Blurb

If you’re making a book with many pictures, like a photo book, Bookwright is your best friend. It makes arranging photos and text super easy.

Each tool has its special power to help your book become the best it can be. Whether you like working online, prefer Apple products, or want something simple like Word, there’s the right tool.

How to Choose the Right Book Formatting Software

Picking the right tool to make your book look good is important. Here are some tips to help you choose the best one:

  1. Easy to Use: You can learn quickly if you want something to figure out, like a video game. If it’s too hard, it won’t be fun to use.
  2. Fits Your Computer: Some tools are made for Apple computers, and others work on all types. Ensure the one you pick works on your computer.
  3. Kinds of Books: Think about what kind of book you’re making. If you’re making a storybook with many pictures, you’ll need a different tool than writing a novel with just words.
  4. Cost: Some tools are free, and others cost money. Decide how much you want to spend. Sometimes, spending a little can help you make your book look much better.
  5. What It Can Do: Look at what each tool can do. Can it make your book into an eBook? Can it help you put pictures exactly where you want them? Pick the one that can do everything you need.

Remember, the best tool is the one that makes it easy for you to make your book look just the way you want it. Take your time to choose the right one, and your book will look great.

Need for Professional Formatting Services

Sometimes, even with the best tools, you might want someone else to make your book look perfect. That’s where a book formatting service comes in. Think of it like going to a barber or a hair salon. You can cut your hair at home, but the barber knows how to make it look right.

Book formatting services are filled with experts who arrange your words and pictures so everything looks amazing. They can fix things you didn’t even know needed fixing! This is great because it saves you time. Instead of figuring everything out yourself, you can write more stories or start on your next book.

Using a service can help make your book look like it was made by a big amazon publishing company, even if you’re doing it alone. So, if you want your book to look its absolute best, thinking about using a professional service is a good idea.

Integrating Book Formatting Software into Your Publishing Workflow

After picking the perfect tool to make your book look great, it’s time to fit it into your book-making process. Here’s how to make everything work together smoothly:

1- Start with Your Story

First, focus on writing your story. Don’t worry about making it look pretty yet. Just get your ideas down.

2- Choose Your Tool

Once your story is ready, pick the book formatting software that fits your needs. Remember the tips on choosing the right one!

3- Learn a Bit

Spend some time learning how your chosen tool works. It’s like learning the rules of a new game. Once you know them, playing becomes a lot more fun.

4- Make It Look Good

Now, use your tool to make your book look beautiful. This is where you ensure your titles stand out, your pictures are in the right spots, and everything looks neat.

5- Check Everything

After you think your book looks perfect, check everything again. It’s like proofreading your homework. You might find a few things you want to change or fix.

6- Ask for Opinions

Sometimes, asking a friend or someone you trust to look at your book is a good idea. They might see things you missed.

By following these steps, you can ensure your book tells a great story and looks amazing from the first page to the last. This way, people will enjoy reading your book even more.


Can I use book formatting software if I’m unfamiliar with computers?

Yes! Many book formatting tools are made to be easy to use, even if you’re not a computer expert. It might take a little practice, just like learning a new game, but you can do it!

Do I need to pay for book formatting software?

Some book formatting software is free, while others cost money. It depends on what you need. Think of it like choosing between different types of pencils for your artwork; some are basic, and others are fancy and do more things.

Can these tools help me make an eBook?

Many book formatting tools can help you turn your story into an eBook. It’s like turning handwritten notes into a digital report that everyone can read on their tablets or phones.

Will using a book formatting tool make my book look professional?

Absolutely! These tools help you make your book look as good as those in a bookstore. It’s like giving your book a professional outfit to wear.

Remember, using book formatting software is a great way to make your book the best. You can make your book look amazing with a little time and practice!


Picking the right book formatting software is a big step in making your book. It’s like finding the perfect outfit for a school picture; you want it to look just right. With the tools and tips we discussed, you can make your book look amazing! Whether you choose a free tool, buy special software, or decide to work with a book formatting service, what matters most is how your book turns out.

Remember, your story is special, and how it looks on the page is important, too. So, take your time, choose the best tool for you, and make your book that everyone wants to read. 

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