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If you are thinking about writing a book but find putting pen to paper a bit daunting, you are not alone. Many successful authors find cheap ghostwriting services to help them turn their ideas into fully-fledged books.

But how much does book ghostwriter cost for a book in 2023? In this article, we’ll break down the factors that influence the book ghostwriter cost and provide you with a clear understanding of what to expect.

What is a Ghostwriter?

First things first, let’s define what a ghostwriter is. A ghostwriter is a professional writer hired to write a book, article, or other written material on behalf of someone else. The person who hires the ghostwriter is typically credited as the author, while the ghostwriter remains anonymous.

Factors that Influence the Book Ghostwriter Cost

The Book Ghostwriter’s Cost can vary widely based on several factors. Here are some of the main factors that can influence the cost:

1- Experience and Expertise:

Like any other profession, a ghostwriter’s experience and expertise can impact the Book ghostwriter’s cost. Highly experienced ghostwriters with a track record of successful projects often charge higher rates than those just starting out.

2- Word Count:

The length of your book will significantly impact the Book Ghostwriter’s Cost. Ghostwriters typically charge on a per-word or per-page basis. Longer books will naturally cost more to produce.

3- Complexity of the Project:

Some books require extensive research, interviews, and specialized knowledge. If your project is particularly complex, you can expect to pay more for the additional time and effort. If it is not that complex and there is not much research involved, you can consider hiring book writers from the best book writing services.

4- Genre:

The genre of your book also matters. Writing a technical manual may require different skills and knowledge than crafting a romance novel. Ghostwriters with expertise in specific genres may charge higher rates.

5- Deadline:

You may need to pay a premium for expedited work if you have a tight deadline. Ghostwriters often charge more for rush projects to compensate for the quick turnaround.

6- Additional Services:

Some ghostwriters offer additional services like editing, proofreading, and formatting. These services can add to the overall cost and improve the final product’s quality. So, if you want to know the book ghostwriter’s cost, you need to inform them of everything you expect from them.

Average Book Ghostwriter Costs:

Now that we’ve covered the main factors, let’s talk about the average Book ghostwriter cost you can expect in 2023. Keep in mind that these are rough estimates and can vary based on the specific circumstances:

1- Low-End Cost:

For a simple book with around 10,000 to 20,000 words written by a less experienced ghostwriter, you might pay between $1,000 and $3,000. This is a budget-friendly book ghostwriter cost option for those looking to start a smaller project.

2- Mid-Range Cost:

For a standard book of about 50,000 to 75,000 words, written by a ghostwriter with moderate experience, you can expect to pay between $5,000 and $15,000. This book’s ghostwriter cost range covers many fiction and non-fiction writing projects.

3- High-End Cost:

If you want to work with a highly experienced ghostwriter on a complex project, like a biography or a technical manual, you might be looking for $20,000 or more for a book of 100,000 words or longer.

Additional Costs to Consider

In addition to the core Book ghostwriter cost, there are a few other costs to keep in mind:

1- Editing and Proofreading:

After the ghostwriter completes the manuscript, you’ll likely need to hire a book editor and a proofreader to polish the work. These services can add several thousand dollars to your overall budget.

2- Cover Design and Formatting:

You’ll need a well-designed cover and proper formatting for a professional-looking book. Design and formatting services can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

3- Publishing and Marketing:

Once your book is ready, you’ll need to consider Amazon book publishing and marketing costs. This can include fees for self-publishing platforms, advertising, and promotional materials.

Ways to Save on Ghostwriting Costs

When saving on the Book ghostwriter cost, you can consider several strategic approaches, each with benefits. These methods can help you manage your budget more effectively while still achieving your goal of producing a well-written book.

1- Provide Clear and Detailed Guidelines:

One of the most effective ways to keep your ghostwriting expenses in check is by offering precise and comprehensive project guidelines. The clearer your instructions are, the less time the ghostwriter will need to research and revise.

By providing a well-structured outline, specific objectives, and a clear vision for your project, you can streamline the writing process and potentially reduce the overall cost.

2- Consider Co-Authorship:

Coauthoring your book could be a viable option if you want to collaborate with a writer while minimizing costs. Co-authorship involves sharing the writing responsibilities with a collaborator, which can lead to shared expenses.

This approach allows you to leverage the skills and creativity of another writer while dividing the financial burden.

3- Negotiate the Terms and Payment Plan:

Don’t hesitate to engage in negotiations with your chosen ghostwriter. Many writers are open to discussing flexible payment plans, especially for larger projects. You might be able to arrange a payment structure that suits your financial situation, such as dividing the total cost into multiple installments tied to specific project milestones.

Some ghostwriters may also consider reduced rates in exchange for a share of future royalties if your book gains commercial success. Negotiating mutually beneficial terms can help you manage expenses while ensuring quality writing.

4- Consider Partial DIY Writing:

You may take on some writing tasks to further reduce ghostwriting costs. While you may not be a professional writer, contributing portions of the manuscript can save on expenses.

For instance, you could write the introduction, personal anecdotes, or sections where your voice and perspective are crucial. The ghostwriter can then focus on enhancing your content and maintaining a consistent tone throughout the book.


Hiring a ghostwriter for your book in 2023 can be a smart investment, but it’s essential to understand the factors that influence the cost. Remember that quality writing takes time and expertise, so it’s worth budgeting accordingly to ensure you get a product you’re proud of.

Before hiring a ghostwriter, research, check their credentials, and ask for samples of their work. With the right writer and a clear plan, you can create a book that you’ll be proud to share with the world.

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