How To Create A Wikipedia Page For Your Company – 2024 Tips


In today’s digital age, having a Wikipedia page for your company can significantly boost your online presence and credibility.

Wikipedia, the world’s largest online encyclopedia, operates as a nonprofit organization, and its primary goal is to provide free, reliable information to users around the world. But, how does Wikipedia make money if it’s a nonprofit? Well, that’s the beauty of its reliability that many people donate money to it, so if you make a page for your company, it will increase your popularity.

It is one of the most visited websites globally, and having a well-written Wikipedia page can provide valuable information to potential customers and partners. 

However, creating a Wikipedia page isn’t as simple as it may seem. It requires adherence to Wikipedia’s guidelines and standards. This article will explore tips to help you create a Wikipedia page for your company.

How To Create A Wikipedia Page For Your Company

1. Understand Wikipedia’s Guidelines and Policies

Before creating a Wikipedia page for your company, you must become familiar with the rules and principles that govern Wikipedia. Wikipedia isn’t just any website; it has strict guidelines and policies that all contributors must follow. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Verifiability:

Make sure to support any claims with evidence from reliable external sources. These could include news articles, books, or academic journals.

  • Notability:

Your company should have achieved recognition and importance to meet Wikipedia’s standards. This is typically shown through significant coverage in independent sources. Your company may not meet the criteria if it hasn’t received notable attention.

  • Reliable Sources: 

Wikipedia relies on credible sources like news articles and interviews. Ensure that the information you gather can be traced back to trustworthy sources.

  • Neutrality: 

Your company’s page should provide objective, factual information without promotional language or bias. It’s important to maintain a neutral point of view.

  • Notable Achievements:

Highlight any noteworthy awards, milestones, innovations, or contributions your company has made. These achievements will help demonstrate your company’s notability.

2. Prove Your Company’s Significance

Wikipedia editors scrutinize whether a topic is notable enough to warrant a dedicated page. Notability is a key determinant in whether your company’s Wikipedia page will be 100% approved

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Get Attention: 

Your company should have significant coverage in reliable sources like newspapers, magazines, and books. The more independent sources mentioning your company, the better.

  • Independent Recognition: 

External sources, not your company, should acknowledge your achievements. They should recognize your company’s impact or contributions.

  • Build a Presence:

 It’s not just about quantity; quality matters, too. Being featured in respected industry platforms or events can boost your notability.

  • Local and Global Recognition: 

Notability can extend beyond your area. Highlight any national or international recognition your company has received.

3. Back Your Claims with Evidence

In Wikipedia, evidence is the most important thing, so when creating your company’s Wikipedia page, you must substantiate every claim and fact you present with credible, third-party sources. 

Here’s why this step is crucial:

  • Credibility: 

Wikipedia relies on credible sources to maintain its integrity as a reliable information platform. Your company’s page will be held to the same standard. 

To ensure your page isn’t flagged or edited by a Wikipedia editor, you must back up your statements with trustworthy references.

  • Types of Sources:

Consider the types of sources that can bolster your page’s credibility. These can range from news articles and academic journals to books and expert author interviews

Online sources should come from established publications or reputable book mockup generator websites. Having various source types can strengthen your case for notability and reliability.

  • Quotes and Interviews:

Include direct quotes or excerpts from interviews with experts in your field or industry if possible. These can provide valuable insights and lend additional authority to your page. However, remember always to attribute quotes and interviews to their sources.

  • Consistency: 

Ensure that the information from your sources aligns with the details you want to include on your Wikipedia page. Any discrepancies or inaccuracies can raise red flags among Wikipedia editors. When you aim to get a Wikipedia page, accuracy is paramount for a successful submission.

  • Documentation: 

Keep meticulous records of your sources. Maintain a list of all the publications, dates, and page numbers you plan to reference in your Wikipedia article. This will help you maintain transparency and make the editing process more straightforward.

4. Neutral Point of View (NPOV): 

Maintaining a neutral point of view (NPOV) is a fundamental requirement for Wikipedia articles. When it comes to your company’s Wikipedia page, here’s why NPOV matters:

  • Impartiality: 

Wikipedia is not a platform for self-promotion. Your article should present information in an impartial, unbiased manner. Avoid language that may appear promotional, exaggerated, or opinionated.

  • Objective Language: 

Use objective language throughout your article. Stick to the facts, avoid making subjective claims, and present your company’s history, achievements, and impact straightforwardly.

  • Avoiding Superlatives: 

Steer clear of using superlatives like “the best,” “the greatest,” or “the most successful” to describe your company. Instead, use language that reflects your company’s accomplishments objectively.

  • Balanced Coverage:

Offer a balanced coverage of your company, including its successes and challenges. This helps maintain a fair and accurate portrayal.

  • Third-Person Perspective: 

Write your Wikipedia article in the third person. Avoid using phrases like “we” or “our company” to ensure a neutral tone. To better adhere to this practice, you can hire Wikipedia writers who can write the perfect content for your company with neutrality.

5. Write a Draft Offline to Organize and Plan

Creating a Wikipedia page directly on the platform can be daunting, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the formatting and editing process. To make things smoother, consider writing a draft of your article offline. 

6. Register an Account

While it’s not mandatory to have a Wikipedia account to edit or create articles, registering one can offer several advantages:

  • Account Benefits: 

A registered account lets you track your edits, communicate with other Wikipedia editors, and receive notifications about article changes.

  • Transparency: 

Registering an account adds a layer of transparency to your editing efforts. It shows that you are a committed contributor interested in maintaining the quality of Wikipedia.

  • User Name Choice: 

When registering, choose a username that reflects your company or a neutral identity. Avoid usernames that might be perceived as promotional or biased.

  • Building Trust:

 Over time, active and constructive contributions from your Wikipedia account can build trust with the Wikipedia community. This can be beneficial if you plan to make further edits or create additional pages.

7. Follow Wikipedia’s Manual of Style

Wikipedia has a Manual of Style that outlines guidelines for formatting and structuring articles. Adhering to these guidelines ensures your page looks professional and aligns with Wikipedia’s standards. Pay attention to details like headings, citations, and image placement.

8. Use Citations Liberally

Citations are crucial on Wikipedia. Whenever you include a statement or fact in your article, back it up with a citation to a reliable source. This allows Wikipedia’s editors and readers to verify the information presented. Wondering, ‘Why do teachers hate wikipedia‘? Discover the importance of citations in ensuring accuracy.


Creating a Wikipedia page for your company requires careful consideration of Wikipedia’s guidelines and policies.

Notability, reliable sources, neutrality, and proper formatting are essential factors to keep in mind. Following these tips and maintaining a patient and collaborative attitude can increase your chances of successfully establishing a Wikipedia presence for your company.

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