How To Make A Book Cover (Easy Steps & Free Options)

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Have you ever picked up a book just because its cover looked interesting? That’s the power of a good book cover! It’s the first thing people see and can make them want to read your book. This guide will show you how to make a book cover that grabs attention. And the best part? You can do it for free and easily, even if you’ve never done it before. Whether you’re writing your first or tenth book, a stunning cover can make all the difference. Let’s dive in and create a cover that tells your book’s story before the first page turns.

How to Make a Book Cover: 6 Easy Steps

Let’s go through the steps to design a book cover.

1- Think About Your Cover

First, imagine what you want your cover to look like. What pictures will tell your story? Should it be dark and mysterious or bright and happy? This is where you get to dream big!

2- Pick Your Tools

Remember the free software like Canva and GIMP? Now’s the time to choose which one you want to use. They have cool stuff to help you make your cover, so pick the easiest one. Also depends on what you will do. Write a rap song; you might find different tools suitable for different purposes.

3- Start Creating

Begin by choosing a background color or picture that fits your story. Then, add the title of your book using a font that matches the mood. Are you telling a scary story? Maybe choose letters that look a bit spooky. Consider incorporating elements of different types of humor to make your title stand out and convey the tone of your story effectively.

4- Add Some Art

If you want pictures or drawings on your cover, now’s the time to add them. You can find free images online or create your own. Just make sure they help tell your book’s story.

5- Feedback Time

Once you think your cover looks good, show it to friends or family. They can give you ideas on how to make it even better. Maybe they’ll suggest a different picture or a new color for the title. It’s always good to hear what others think.

6- Make It Perfect

Use the feedback to make your cover even better. This might mean changing some things around or trying new colors. It’s all about making your cover the best it can be.

How to Make a Hard Book Cover: 6 Easy Steps

Sometimes, you might want to make a cover for a real, hold-in-your-hands book. This is a bit different but still super fun. Let’s learn how to make a hard book cover.

1- Gather Your Materials

You’ll need some cardboard, paper (like wrapping paper or fabric), glue, and scissors. These are the building blocks of your hardcover.

2- Cut the Cardboard

Measure your book’s size and cut two pieces of cardboard for the front and back covers. Ensure they’re a little bigger than your book so it fits nicely inside.

3- Cover the Cardboard

Take the paper or fabric you chose and cut it big enough to wrap around one piece of cardboard. Glue the paper on the cardboard, smoothing it out so there are no bubbles. For visual inspiration, you can refer to “Book Animation Examples“. Do this for both pieces.

4- Make the Spine

If your book needs a spine (the part that shows when it’s on the shelf), cut another piece of cardboard. The width depends on how thick your book is. Cover it with paper, just like the other pieces.

5- Put It All Together

Now, glue the edges of your spine piece to the edges of your front and back covers. It should look like a book cover now! Just make sure to let the glue dry.

6- Attach Your Book

The last step is to glue your book’s first and last pages to the inside of your new hardcovers. And voilà, you have a hard book cover!

Making a hard book cover is a bit like crafting. You cut, glue, and create something special that protects your story. Plus, showing off your book to friends and family is fun. Try it and see how awesome your book looks with its new cover, featuring rhyme without reason ideas!

Finalizing and Publishing Your Book Cover

After you have put your heart into making your book cover, it’s almost time to show it to the world. But first, let’s make sure everything is just right. Here are the last steps to take before your book cover is ready to go.

  • Check Everything Again

Look at your cover one more time. Is the title easy to read? Did you spell everything correctly? Make sure the pictures look just how you want them to. This is like the final check before a spaceship launches. Everything needs to be perfect!

  • Ask for Feedback

Sometimes, we miss little mistakes because we’ve looked at something for too long. Ask a friend or a family member to look at your cover. They might see something you didn’t. It’s always good to have a second pair of eyes. 

  • Make it Fit

Different places where you can put your book, like websites or printing companies, might need the cover to be a certain size. Make sure your cover fits their rules. It’s like making sure your puzzle piece fits in the puzzle just right.

  • Upload Your Cover

Now comes the exciting part! You get to put your cover on your book. If you’re using a website to publish your book, they will tell you how to upload your cover. Follow their steps carefully. It’s like putting the star on top of a Christmas tree. Everything leads up to this moment. If you’re considering traditional publishing, research different comic book publishing companies to find the best fit for your work.

  • Share Your Book

With your cover done and everything set, it’s time to tell everyone about your book. Show them your amazing cover and tell them about your story. It’s great to see your work out there for everyone to see.

  • Professional aid

And not to forget, concerning professionals is the best. You ensure your book is error-free and best as per the market trends. You can always hire a book cover designer; don’t be shy to take help.

Congratulations! You’ve just learned how to make a book cover from start to finish. Remember, your cover is the first thing people see, so it’s super important. But the most important thing is that you had fun and created something that makes you proud.

Top 5 Free Book Cover Makers

In the digital age, creating eye-catching book covers is essential for attracting readers. Fortunately, there are several free book cover makers available online that offer professional-quality designs without breaking the bank. Here are the top 5 free book cover makers:

1- Canva:

Canva offers a user-friendly interface with a wide range of customizable templates, graphics, and fonts. It’s perfect for authors looking to design their book covers quickly and easily. Additionally, it’s a versatile tool for book formatting software.

2- Adobe Spark:

Adobe Spark provides sleek and modern templates for creating premade book covers. With its intuitive design tools, authors can customize their covers to reflect the tone and genre of their books.

3- Book Brush:

Book Brush specializes in creating 3D book covers that stand out on digital platforms. It offers a variety of templates and graphics tailored specifically for authors, making it easy to design attention-grabbing covers. Additionally, Book Brush provides a free book mockup generator, allowing authors to visualize their covers in realistic settings.

4- Snappa:

Snappa is another user-friendly design tool that offers a library of templates and graphics for creating stunning book covers. Its drag-and-drop interface allows authors to customize their covers with ease.

5- Design Wizard:

Design Wizard offers a range of customizable templates and graphics for authors to create custom book covers. With its intuitive design tools, authors can easily incorporate their own images and text to make their covers unique. Additionally, it’s a valuable resource for exploring tips and tricks through author blogs.


Wow, you did it! You learned how to make a book cover all by yourself. Isn’t it cool to think your book will have a cover you made? Remember, a book cover is like the face of your book. It’s the first thing people see, which can excite them to read your story.

Making your book cover isn’t just about saving money; it’s about putting a piece of yourself into your book. It’s about showing the world what your story feels like before they even open the first page. And the best part is, you can do it! Whether you’re a kid or a grown-up, making something creative, like a book cover, is fun and super rewarding.

So, take what you’ve learned and start experimenting. Try different colors, pictures, and fonts. Ask your friends what they think. And most importantly, don’t forget to have fun with it. Every book is special, and now your book will have a special cover to match. Keep telling your stories, and keep making those covers shine. You’re an amazing creator, and the world can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

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